Five good reasons to write a company blog

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Five good reasons to write a company blog

We know what it’s like when you’re running a business and you’re busy generating and delivering work for your customers. Any extra things on your to-do list can be most unwelcome. But it’s easy to dismiss as time-consuming and unnecessary things which will actually be part of the foundations of a thriving business.


So why exactly should you take the time to write a blog for your company? Here are five good reasons we believe it’s worth the investment.

  1. It reinforces you as an expert – a blog on issues in your industry reinforces your position as an expert. Especially in the B-2-B market it’s invaluable to prove your expertise and writing a blog on relevant topics can reinforce the reason people need you over a competitor
  2. You can express your personality – people buy from people, so even if there’s a team in your business you can utilise a blog to showcase the different people, their quirks, their tone of voice and help your potential customers feel like they know you, even if you’ve never met
  3. It creates a reason to come back – research shows that customers need to have interacted with a company around eight times before they make a purchase. That could be seeing a social media post, reading your website, meeting you at an event… If you write a strong blog that makes people want to read the next one, it’s a good reason for them to come back to your site and moves them closer to feeling able to make a purchase
  4. It can be the basis of other marketing activities – if you write a decent blog once a month you can use your customer database to send it out to people, creating a continuing relationship and keeping you at the front of their minds. You can make it as simple as putting the first few paragraphs in an email with a link to your website for people to read more, or you could include it as part of a more comprehensive customer newsletter
  5. It’s good for SEO – even if you know absolutely nothing about SEO, if you’re writing about topics that are relevant to your business you are inadvertently improving your site in the eyes of the search engines. Broadly speaking the search robots are looking for relevant, rich and regularly updated content – so without even thinking about keywords , H1 headings or any other technical SEO stuff, you are creating an advantage for your website

If you just can’t bear the idea of adding another task to your list, give us a call to discuss our ghost-writing services. We’re based in Yorkshire but happy to chat to businesses all over the country. We even use Skype or FaceTime if you want to see the whites of our eyes (we’ll just need a bit of notice to tidy the office before the call!)

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