“If you didn’t mean what you said,” Tigger pointed out logically, “then you should say what you mean.”
Winnie-the-Pooh on Management, Roger E Allen

Wordsmiths Unlimited is made up of a merry band of word-lovers who definitely say what they mean.

One of our clients said they love to work with us because we “don’t always say yes”. You might think it’s our job to say yes, but as a bunch of recovering public relations managers, we’ve spent decades looking after people’s reputations and are still trying to kick the habit. You get all of our writing expertise and we throw in the broader communications advice for free.

So if you want someone to write your blogs, website, company newsletter or latest brochure and just do as they’re told, you might want to look elsewhere. If you’re happy to have a lively discussion about the relative merits of what you’re proposing, feel free to drop us a line.

Meet your new best friends, our wordsmiths

Louise Turner
Louise TurnerChief Wordsmith
Louise is #sorrynotsorry that she asks so many questions and believes it’s the questions you don’t ask (that probably lead to the mistakes you do make) that you should say sorry for.

A former media and communications manager in the public and private sector, Louise has crafted words for all kinds of organisations, from one of the world’s largest outsourcers to one of Yorkshire’s smallest but most sparkly jewellers.

She truly believes that variety is the spice of life and is always looking to add clients from new sectors to her portfolio.

When she’s not at her laptop Louise loves to spend time with her family, often in the outdoors, sometimes in a tent. She’s also a big fan of gin and sleep, but doesn’t get enough of either.

Catherine Ross
Catherine RossFabulous Wordsmith
There’s a lot to be said for the US Navy and Catherine has adopted its KISS principle in her writing.

KISS stands for “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. She believes that while it may be a principle well-applied to military manoeuvres, it is best applied to our beautiful language.

Catherine began wordsmithing at the tender age of 10, when her primary school teacher (hi Mrs Williams) kept her in at playtime to come up with a list of alternatives to the word “nice”. Ever since, she has been gobbling up words in the form of novels, magazines, song lyrics and newspapers and, more recently, spitting them back out in the form of perfectly articulated corporate copy, press releases, web text, newsletters and reports for charities and start-ups and some of the globe’s biggest brands.

When she’s not wordsmithing, Catherine can still often be found word-gobbling and trying to instil a love of literature in her two children.

Katy Pollard
Katy PollardFabulous Wordsmith
Katy is one of life’s listeners. She will attentively consider the information presented, digest it (challenge if needed) then using her skills developed as a journalist and many years of being a PR manager, come back to you with a plan to achieve what you need.

Constantly curious and always learning, Katy has a CIPR Diploma and MA Journalism and has worked across all sectors in a variety of organisations – everything from the world’s largest healthcare provider to a local digital agency.

Downtime for Katy usually involves a book, a glass (ok, bottle) of rioja and long walks in the countryside with Ivy the Beagle. She lives in Yorkshire with Ivy, her partner Steve and a menagerie of other animals including Gwen the pig.

Louise Nelhams
Louise NelhamsSEO Aficionado
A wordsmith by trade but a bit of a self-confessed geek, Louise loves the challenge of creating compelling copy that both human readers and the search engines will take notice of.

From running a family business, to events management and marketing, Louise has developed a broad range of skills that help organisations to elevate their brand proposition through clear and engaging communications.

Over the last 10 years or so she’s specialised in SEO content, working with national and international brands, small start-ups and everything in between, enabling them to build their digital visibility and increase conversion rates.

When she’s not writing or creating strategies (which isn’t very often!), Louise is partial to a good book, a self-hosted dinner party, a little bit of a boogie or travelling to sunnier climes.

Karen Nijjar
Karen NijjarStrategy Supremo
The big picture, the holistic view, in it for the journey – Karen is our wordsmith who loves to step back and think about the role strategy has in bringing beautiful communications together.

From her teenage days writing band reviews for the local press to heading up communications teams in large corporate organisations, Karen has learnt her craft over many years. She now has a powerful toolkit at her fingertips to help organisations of all shapes and sizes create and deliver engaging, results-focused communications strategies, campaigns and plans.

Being in charge of a little human under the age of one means Karen finds ‘me time’ an alien concept, however maintains that life would be unimaginable without red wine, believes you can never have too many shoes or bags and never bores of saying ‘use your words carefully’.

Kate Crawford
Kate CrawfordWonderous Wordsmith
A keen writer from childhood, Kate began professionally putting persuasive words together 18 years ago and has been besotted with her career ever since.

Armed with qualifications in English Language, Sociology and the CIM’s Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, she comes at every brief from three sides: ‘What do you want to the recipient to do?’, ‘What would influence and motivate them to do it?’ and ‘What language and writing style would most successfully tap into that?’

Her portfolio includes internal and corporate communications for Aviva and the NHS, bid editing/re-write work for some of the world’s biggest civil engineering companies, and copy, content and film scripts for organisations of all shapes and sizes – both directly and through agencies.

Opposite her career on the see-saw, her husband and two young sons are a constant source of encouragement and support whenever she needs help to fly or stay grounded.

 Nyree Hughes
Nyree HughesRemarkable Writer
Nyree believes in the power of words to change behaviour, and has worked with organisations like Transport for Greater Manchester, the Welsh Government, Barnardo’s and the NHS to improve engagement and inspire positive change.

A versatile and accomplished communications specialist with 15 years’ experience. Nyree is creative in her approach and always keen to learn more. Gaining an MA in Design helped cement her creative approach to briefs.

Originally from Wales, Nyree has made Yorkshire her home and when not at her computer she can be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm or just hanging out with her husband, two boys and the family cats.

Kathy Sharpe
Kathy SharpeAmazing Wordsmith
Kathy is an experienced writer with oodles of experience (over 18 years) in marketing communications. She has tip-top credentials as a member of the Professional Copywriters’ Network, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, and has CIPR Accredited PR Practitioner status.

With a background in the arts and an unashamed penchant for hair metal, Kathy focusses her work on clients striving for “positive social impact.” Big-hearted organisations that have benefitted from successful award submissions include those in the education, charity, and not-for-profit sectors. So, if you’re not interested in social good, then look elsewhere!

Kathy’s work speaks for itself with a 100% success rate of writing awards bids shortlisted for finals or winners overall. Achievements include a PRWeek ‘Decade of Achievement’ Award for Internal Communications, an Educate North Award, and CIPR and CIM awards.

Outside of the UK, Kathy wrote a successful International Downtown Association (IDA) Excellence Award submission that was collected by her client in Texas, USA. Yee-haw!

Rory Ffoulkes
Rory FfoulkesAmazing Wordsmith
Writing comes very naturally to Rory. The same can’t be said, much to many people’s amusement, of maths and DIY.

A former journalist, editor and PR manager, Rory is happy writing blogs, features, award entries, social posts and any other writing for business that he can get his teeth into – so long as the work is well-briefed and he has the information he needs in order to do a great job for you.

A daddy to two little girls and a very human chocolate Labrador, if he’s not looking after them or reading and writing, he’s generally to be found kidding himself that he’s still 17 and capable of playing cricket, rugby or football to a decent standard. You know that dismissive laugh Mrs Krabappel the teacher does in The Simpsons? Rory can hear you doing it in your head now, and thinks you’re mean.

FloydCarrot Connoisseur
When we’re stuck for words or just need a screen break, Floyd is there to amuse us. He loves carrots, bananas and balls, along with tummy tickles and plenty of attention. He is truly the laziest spaniel you will ever encounter, spending his days making tough decisions such as whether to snooze in his snuggly bed, or under Louise’s feet.
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