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Project Description

Project Description

We loved writing this fun and engaging website for expert chocolatier Carl Turner. We helped Carl define his audiences and talked through how the site could be laid out to accommodate their different needs. The team then set about writing the content, linked to a key-word strategy, and delivered everything in a relatively short timescale.

You might assume the best bit about this project was meetings with Carl and the chocolate he brought along. Actually we loved being able to help Carl clarify his thinking and influencing the final site layout, which is much clearer for the intended audiences than the original plan.

I really appreciated the time Louise and the Wordsmiths team took to understand my business. Talking it through meant we were able to create a clear structure for the website based on who would be looking at it, rather than on our services, which was the original plan.

This means the website is more focused on the reader and the combination of this change and the engaging content produced by the Wordsmiths team means people are clear on our proposition. We now have more enquiries and they convert more easily as a result.

Project Details