Project Description

High Profile Writing

We love writing for TLC Accountants (do we ever not say that?!). We’ve been part of the virtual team from the start and have helped them develop a strong tone of voice.

The idea for their blog TLC Loves…comes from the heart in their logo and their love of advising their clients. We mix up consolidating their expertise by giving professional advice with other things they love, such as winning awards and slightly different stuff such as getting an extra hour in bed when the clocks change.

We wrote this blog about changes to dividend taxation in collaboration with their tax partner Claire. A couple of months later she received a call from a journalist asking her to write an expert piece for an industry publication which will be read by thousands of people (we’ll be helping writing that too!) He’d seen the blog and clearly viewed her as an expert. Job done!

We also wrote TLC’s website and other marketing collateral and work with them and their marketing agency on a regular basis to ensure their brand remains consistent.

Read the article here