Apostrophe howlers

//Apostrophe howlers

Apostrophe howlers

If you have read any of my blogs of LinkedIn articles you’ll know I’m a stickler for an apostrophe. I’m not quite as militant as Lynne Truss, who believes that people who use apostrophes in the wrong place “deserve to be struck by lightning, hacked up on the spot and buried in an unmarked grave”, but I am decidely intolerant.

Here are a few of my recent spots, one of which I might have altered in order that local children don’t learn the wrong rule by association.





Spotted in Marks & Spencers, York. I think it’s cruel that they keep cleaners in a cupboard and Tweeted M&S to tell them as much. They have pledged to fix it, so do report back if you’re local and can check for me!







I quite liked this handmade card and could forgive the missing comma, but not the apostrophe and therefore wrong spelling.






It turns out that road signs are made from little plastic stickers which easily peel off. Who knew? There were three around the village which all miraculously ended up  grammatically correct. I wonder how that happened…




What silly signs have you seen recently? Do tweet us @WordsmithsUnltd and give us a giggle!


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